Networking and time

29th October 2010

Networking and time

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I was invited to give a talk last night at the Edinburgh Curry Club and for various reasons which I won’t bore you with, there was a bit of a change on the topic of discussion late yesterday afternoon. Instead of my plan, I spoke about a whistle blowing case that I dealt with for a client earlier this year, which we won. For my client, it was a complete vindication but for his ex employer, it was an object lesson in what happens if you make assumptions, don’t listen to complaints and shoot the messenger.

What I had intended to do was a round up of current and up and coming legislation, covering the Equality Act, the Agency Workers Regulations and the abolition of the default retirement age. I suspect I might have been over optimistic to think I could have covered all of this in 20 minutes. However, they are all very serious issues that could and will effect a lot of businesses throughout the UK.

We will keep you posted on the progress of these and other issues as they come into force and I suspect we will be writing at some length on both the Agency Workers Regulations and the default retirement age soon. I can feel another email out to our clients coming on…


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