Settlement Agreement

You might have heard of settlement or compromise agreements. These are used when an employer wants to pay an employee a sum of money, most typically a termination payment. In return for receiving the payment, the employee agrees not to bring any claims. The terms of the agreement between the parties are set out in a formal document called a settlement agreement. These agreements are often drafted in very legal language, which we will translate into plain English.

Often, the first offer is only the beginning of a negotiation. We will advise on the best tactics for achieving the maximum results in the circumstances and can carry out the negotiation on your behalf, if you would prefer. We will also advise you on how the sums on offer compare with your potential tribunal claims and will review and negotiate other terms such as reference, or release from post termination restrictions. Having negotiated the terms of the agreement, we will also arrange for it to be signed by a practicing solicitor.

Even if you do not have a settlement agreement when you come to see us, this or another form of settlement is, in the majority of cases, the likely outcome of your claim. Tribunal procedures are costly, time consuming and unpredictable. We have a consistent track record of achieving excellent settlements for our clients.