Terms and conditions

Standard Terms

These are our standard terms and conditions. The hourly rate we charge will be set out in writing to you specifically, when we give you our terms of business.


Could you please provide us with a copy of two forms of identification. This can be a copy of your passport or driving licence and something with your home address on it such as a utilities bill.


We often give estimates of our charges. Unless these are agreed in writing with you as the actual charge for defined work, they remain estimates and not agreed charges. Our charges are calculated on the basis set out below.

Fixed price

We often give fixed prices for a particular project. If we believe it is appropriate to charge through a fixed price, we will discuss this with you and agree a fixed price before commencing the work. We will confirm the fixed price and payment terms in writing at the start of the project.


We charge a rate of £XXX per hour plus VAT.

We record all time spent on your matter and charge you to the nearest five minutes.

We take a payment on account for new client work that will be on going. If we are asking for a payment on account, an invoice will be attached setting out the payment on account and also confirmation that the payment will be taken into account in the second invoice.


We also charge for payments we make on your behalf or are liable to make to third parties. These are shown as “Disbursements paid” on our invoices.


VAT is charged at the rate applicable at the date of the invoice.

Time for payment

Invoices are payable within fourteen days of their date. If the matter is on going, you will be billed once a month for work completed in that month. Otherwise, you will receive an invoice on completion of the matter.

If the invoice is not paid, we will send a statement requesting immediate payment. If you do not pay, we will not carry out any further work for you and charge interest at 10% on the full amount of the account (including VAT) from one month from the date of the invoice. You are welcome at any time to ask how much our charges are to date.

Increase in charges

You have been informed of the current charging rates above. Rates are normally reviewed upwards on 1st January each year.

Our guarantees

  • To treat your matter with complete confidentiality.
  • To ensure that you understand, step by step, the progress of your case, or the operation of any particular document or policy we design for you.
  • To discuss both costs and time with you at the first interview and as the matter progresses.

Your commitment

  • To co-operate with employease in progressing the matter we are handling for you.
  • To pay our fees promptly as and when they are due.


We will keep you informed of the progress of the matter on a regular basis. You are welcome to telephone or write to us to ask for a progress report. If the person handling the matter is unavailable, please feel free to speak to her colleague who will usually be able to answer your question or arrange for her to call you back.

If the person handling the matter requests information or requires instructions from you, we would request that you respond as promptly as you are able. If you delay providing the information or instructions requested, you may jeopardise the progress of the matter.


If you have any complaint regarding the progress or handling of your matter, please raise them with Julie Calleux of employease in writing. We commit to:

  • dealing with complaints promptly;
  • arranging a discussion with you;
  • investigating the complaint and providing a written response.

Our full complaints procedure is attached to this letter.

Cooling off period

We operate a 14 days cooling off period. What this means is that you have 14 days from receipt of these terms of business to change your mind about appointing us. If you would like to change your mind, please let us know in writing and we will not commence work on your behalf.

Contact details

The name of the person handling your case is Amanda Galashan or Julie Calleux.

Employease: The Employment Practice Ltd is a limited company.

Our address for correspondence is:

1 Fetter Lane



Our Registered office address is:

202 Grangewood House

Oakwood Hill


Essex IG10 3TZ

Our registered company number is: 2931940

Telephone number: 0845 123 3741

Email: agalashan@employease.co.uk

Employease: The Employment Practice Ltd is regulated by the Claims Management Regulator, Authorisation Number CRM22837, in respect of regulated claims management activities; its registration is recorded on the website http://www.justice.gov.uk/claims-regulation


Delivery of these terms of business to you at any time during the period we are instructed by you constitutes the contract between us from time to time.