Employease: More than just employment dispute lawyers

You have done some research on the internet or have been advised by friends that you probably have a case against your current/ex employer, but is it really true? How much is the case worth? What will it cost to bring? What should you do next?

Most employees calling us will ask us these kinds of questions. Before we charge you anything, our policy is always to have a call to discuss your case, tell you whether we can help, how we can help and how much it is likely to cost.

EmployEase is a Claims Management Company when dealing with employment disputes on behalf of employees. However most matters we deal with are resolved without the need to lodge a claim in the employment tribunals.

The following are examples of issues we solve on a daily basis. If you would like to ask us a question, please select the ‘contact us’ button below.

Should I accept this job offer?

My employer is trying to change my commission, can they do that?

I think I am being bullied what can I do about it?

I think my employer is trying to get me out, what do I do?

I have been invited to a disciplinary meeting, what happens next?

Do I have a right to return part time after my maternity leave?

I have just been diagnosed with a long term illness, what can I ask my employer to do?

My employer offered me a termination settlement, is it a good one?

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