Although following a procedure is generally a good idea, sometimes no amount of procedure or support for the employee is going to make any difference.

There are also times when it is not in the company’s best interests to continue to employ a member of staff. We can help you identify whether you are in that situation and if so, how to deal with it. For example, settlements may preferable to following the required procedure in the following situations:

  • Exiting a problematic employee before a key pitch.
  • Shortcutting a redundancy process which may upset the whole team.
  • Giving both parties a chance to avoid lengthy performance processes when it is obvious that the problem will not be solved through such process.
  • Not taking risks on grey areas of the law such as TUPE consultation.
  • When to have a protected conversation, how to handle it, how much you should offer and how to deal with aggressive employees or their lawyers on the other side is something we excel in.