The week ahead

24th October 2010

The week ahead

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Been out to see The Social Network with my boys. They are safely in bed and I am on my sofa with my computer at 1am on what is now a Sunday morning. The film was great and it got me messing about with the functionality of wordpress and admiring the ability of some people to have the vision to allow the world to share their thoughts, whether on facebook or other sites like this one.

I have also been thinking about the week ahead. I have a couple of major tasks for clients this week and I am talking at the launch of the Edinburgh Curry Club on Thursday 28th October, so I will be polishing my shoes and spending some time thinking about an appropriate discussion for the evening. If you are interested in coming along, the link for the details is:

Or look up the Edinburgh Curry Club on Linkedin.

Have a good rest of the weekend.


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