October 2010

11th October 2010

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Networking and time

29th October 2010

I was invited to give a talk last night at the Edinburgh Curry Club and for various reasons which I won’t bore you with, there was a bit of a change on the topic of discussion late yesterday afternoon. Instead of my plan, I spoke about a whistle blowing case that I dealt with for […]

The week ahead

24th October 2010

Been out to see The Social Network with my boys. They are safely in bed and I am on my sofa with my computer at 1am on what is now a Sunday morning. The film was great and it got me messing about with the functionality of wordpress and admiring the ability of some people to have […]

Has the European Parliament heard of the worldwide recession?

22nd October 2010

The European Parliament has voted in favour of  amendments to the EU Pregnant Workers Directive (No.92/85). One of the most notable changes is the introduction of 20 weeks’ maternity leave on full pay (with some exceptions). Do not amend your contracts and staff handbook, or sack all your female employees of child bearing age (which, […]

Equality Act 2010: What you need to know

18th October 2010

On the first of this month, the coalition government implemented one of the last milestones of the Labour government’s legislative programme. Although the Equality Act 2010 has added certain new protections, it has one principal aim: putting under one roof the many strands of the discrimination legislation, ranging from the Equal Pay Act 1970 to […]

Why you did not receive our newsletter on Friday

17th October 2010

The article is all set and ready to go. But there are two reasons why you did not get it on Friday.The first one is that one of the other distraction from blogging, apart from work, is networking. I have only found time now to go through my handbag and upload on our list of […]

Writing articles can distract you from your day job

12th October 2010

Julie and I regularly write articles updating our clients on new employment law issues. The updates cover new legislation, cases and problems that we have helped clients solve. You can see examples on our web site (www.employease.co.uk). The updates should be roughly monthly since employment law in the UK is active to say the least, […]

Welcome to this new world!

11th October 2010

Here I am in my late 40’s trying to get my head around the world of blogging. I run an employment law consultancy with my mate Julie. Our business, EmployEase: The Employment Practice Ltd, is 16 years old. Over that time we have gone from writing letters, making phone calls and the occasional fax, to […]