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Paternity leave in the United Kingdom: a big legislative step for men – a baby step for fathers.

10th December 2019

A Brave New World? Paternity leave is primarily a social issue that reflects the attitude of the population and legislature to the diversity of modern families and their gender relations. On the face of it, the United Kingdom is now an extremely open society that offers fathers a real opportunity to take part in the […]

Can a woman take paternity leave?

31st August 2012

This week, we have been joined by my 15 year old step son doing some work experience through school. One of the tasks that I set him was to write a blog. I asked him to answer the question of whether a woman can take  paternity leave, as I thought it might challenge some assumptions. […]

What happens to benefits during maternity leave?

28th March 2011

Most employers understand that when women are on maternity leave, they will receive maternity pay, so long as they qualify for it. I don’t intend to talk about maternity pay but I do want to touch on some of the more difficult questions about those benefits that the employee pays for, such as pension, childcare […]

MEP’s plan to extend paid maternity leave to 20 weeks blocked in current form by Euro ministers

10th December 2010

On 6th December 2010, EU plans to increase paid maternity leave to 20 weeks were labelled unworkable by EU Ministers who confirmed they could not adopt this increase at a time when countries were imposing economic constraints. In the UK, women on maternity leave are entitled to 39 weeks paid maternity leave (with the remaining […]