October 2011

7th October 2011

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Is it a good thing to give an employer the right to treat an employee unfairly?

27th October 2011

There has been a lot of noise in the media and the blogosphere about the leaked report written by venture capitalist Adrian Beecroft, which has been reported as recommending the abolition of unfair dismissal laws. We have seen two extracts purporting to be from that report. Working on the principle that what we have seen […]

EmployEase is moving!

20th October 2011

After 12 or so years at Chancery Lane, EmployEase is moving down the road to Fleet House in New Bridge Street. We have spent this weekend finishing the packing and one of the biggest decisions that we have made was to pack all our old files to be shredded.  There is something quite cathartic about […]

Unfair dismissal: will the increase in the qualifying period help businesses?

7th October 2011

This summer has been a quiet time on the employment law front. However, the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness (and party conferences) arrived in a heat wave of proposed changes to legislation. George Osborne had two notable announcements to make regarding employment law. Firstly, the government intends to raise the length of service requirement […]