Have yourselves a very merry Christmas

16th December 2011

Have yourselves a very merry Christmas

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With one week to go before Christmas, our clients have gone into housekeeping over drive and as a consequence, we have been run off our feet. While we are both glad to be busy, I should have remembered, after 17 years of business, this happens every year round about this time. Will there ever be a last week before Christmas when a client does not suddenly decide to give us three days to negotiate a deal?

2011 has been an extraordinary year for a lot of reasons. The Arab Spring, the debacle with the Euro, US troops have finally left Iraq after nine years and it looks like neutrinos can travel faster than light. On the employment law front, I can’t remember a year like this one, with the government leaking and announcing one idea, good or bad, after another. With the announcement of the employment law reforms in November, 2012 is going to be an active one, which we will no doubt be commenting on in due course.

On a practical note, we are working up to close of business Friday 23rd December. We are then closed until 4th January 2012. We will be checking emails occasionally but the best way to get hold of us in an emergency is to call our main number, 0333 939 8741, on a working day and ask our PAs to put you through to our mobiles.

In the meantime, we have decided to draw breath and take the time to wish all our clients and friends a very merry Christmas. For the first time, we have sent an ecard through Shelter, so please have a view!


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