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Beware: the two year qualifying period will take affect for new employees only

31st January 2012

One of the most publicly announced reforms in employment law coming into force on 6th April 2012 is the increase of the qualifying period to claim unfair dismissal from one year to two. We commented on this last year However, there has been a bit of news on this change. A number of organisations including […]

Next Surgery on 18th January

11th January 2012

We recently explained that we were part of a team providing free HR/Employment Law advice at monthly surgeries around FIfe. The surgeries rotate between Dunfermline, Glenrothes and Kirkcaldy and the next surgery will be held next week on 18th January in the Business Incubator in Kirkcaldy. If you have a business in Fife and would like […]

Have yourselves a very merry Christmas

16th December 2011

With one week to go before Christmas, our clients have gone into housekeeping over drive and as a consequence, we have been run off our feet. While we are both glad to be busy, I should have remembered, after 17 years of business, this happens every year round about this time. Will there ever be […]

You wait for a bus and three come along at the same time: proposed employment law reforms announced today

23rd November 2011

Changes in employment law used to be a bit like waiting for a bus. You would spend most of the year with the same regulations and then a couple of times a year a few changes would come along all at once (April and October).  While we presume the timing for introducing new legislation won’t […]

Agony aunts for Fife businesses

16th November 2011

For the past few months we have been involved with Impact 21 in Fife to provide free advice to businesses in Fife on HR and employment law issues. Impact 21 is an enterprise organisation encouraging entrepreneurial activity and business in Fife and delivers Business Gateway in Fife. EmployEase is working with Michelle Austin of MAP […]

Is it a good thing to give an employer the right to treat an employee unfairly?

27th October 2011

There has been a lot of noise in the media and the blogosphere about the leaked report written by venture capitalist Adrian Beecroft, which has been reported as recommending the abolition of unfair dismissal laws. We have seen two extracts purporting to be from that report. Working on the principle that what we have seen […]

EmployEase is moving!

20th October 2011

After 12 or so years at Chancery Lane, EmployEase is moving down the road to Fleet House in New Bridge Street. We have spent this weekend finishing the packing and one of the biggest decisions that we have made was to pack all our old files to be shredded.  There is something quite cathartic about […]

Unfair dismissal: will the increase in the qualifying period help businesses?

7th October 2011

This summer has been a quiet time on the employment law front. However, the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness (and party conferences) arrived in a heat wave of proposed changes to legislation. George Osborne had two notable announcements to make regarding employment law. Firstly, the government intends to raise the length of service requirement […]

Employment Tribunal Statistics: a reminder of how the recession has hit UK employers

9th September 2011

Every year, the Tribunal Service, which includes the employment tribunals, publishes its statistics. Usually, not a great deal changes from one year to the next. However, the 2009/10 statistics showed that there had been a 56% increase in claims brought in the employment tribunals. With 236,100 claims over all, this was the highest total ever. […]

Do you need to pay your interns?

24th May 2011

Kerry Hudson, an intern who had been working on the My Village web site for two months, successfully sued TPG Web Publishing Ltd for the minimum wage and unpaid holiday. This follows a recent case brought by an Equity member Nick Thomas-Webster against a production company. The question raised by these cases is should you […]